Police ‘Laughed’ When Biden Staffers Pleaded for Help as Trump Train Harassed Campaign Bus, Lawsuit Says

“No, we’re not going to do it.” That was the reply a San Marcos police officer gave a 911 dispatcher who informed him that the 2020 Biden campaign was requesting an escort for their bus while a caravan of Trump supporters was trying to run them off the road, according to 911 transcripts cited in a lawsuit obtained by The Texas Tribune.

Police in other Texas towns did respond to the campaign staffers’ requests for an escort, but they left as the bus crossed jurisdictions from New Braunfels, Texas, into San Marcos, where the campaign had a scheduled event. When the New Braunfels police contacted San Marcos police to take over the escort duties, “San Marcos refused to help,” the amended federal suit claimed.

As a result of the harassment, which resulted in at least one traffic accident, the Biden campaign ended up canceling three events in the state, and the FBI opened an investigation into the incident.

Lawsuit: Police ‘Laughed’ as Trump Train Harassed Biden Campaign Bus – Rolling Stone

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