Southwest Airlines Investigating “Let’s Go Brandon” Incident

On a Friday morning flight, a Southwest Airlines pilot signed off on an in-cabinet announcement greeting passengers with an insult that is being described as a “vulgarity targeting President Biden.”

There were audible gasps from passengers. On that flight was reporter from the Associated Press Colleen Long, who just happened to be working on a story about the chant.

Southwest Airlines followed up with an apologetic statement, noting there was an investigation of the incident.

Several Republican members of Congress have taken to using the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” as a First Amendment exercise in a wink-wink method of saying naughty words about the President. On the House floor, Bill Posey (R-FL) used the phrase with a fist pump; Jeff Duncan (R-SC) shared a photo of himself with a face mask bearing the phrase; and Ted Cruz (Idiot-TX) shared a photo of himself at the World Series with a fan and his poster emblazened with the phrase.

When a CNN analyst criticized the pilot and his comments, Ted Cruz was there to defend the First Amendment by suggesting the pilot was simply disagreeing with the President.

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