January 6 Planners Spoke With Eric Trump Using Burner Phones

Rolling Stone is reporting that days before the January 6 Capitol riot, a top organizer for the Ellipse rally issued a request to organizer minions to purchase burner phones with cash.

Those phones were used to communicate directly with Eric Trump, Eric’s wife Lara Trump, Mark Meadows, and Katrina Pierson.

Kylie Kremer, with the group “March For Trump,” directed an aide to pick up three burner phones with cash for “high level” communications with the White House Trump team, according to three sources. One of those phones was given to Amy Kremer, mother of Kylie, and another unknown organizer.

The two Kremers have been subpoened by the January 6 Congressional Committee.

There was no evidence the Kremers and the other rally organizers encouraged or planned violence in the group text messages reviewed by Rolling Stone, and the source says that there were rare exceptions in which Kylie Kremer used her regular phone to communicate with Trump officials. 

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