Last Call: November 27, 2021

Gooooood evening, News Viewers!

I almost did a thread on some MAGAt lunatic who tagged several of you guys to partake on his shithole but, I decided not to give Joe a ton of attention. I’ll just say this: He’s admittingly harvesting IP addresses so, you might not want to go there. We all know how deranged MAGAts can get.

So, onto more important matters.

I spent all day with my mom decorating my living and dining room for the holidays. I no longer put up a traditional tree because I don’t enjoy rearranging my house to accommodate one. Instead, I utilize my numerous plants and put battery operated lights and hang ornaments on them or lay some in the pot.

The Christmas cacti (2 white and 2 red) and my silver lavender topiary trees are my favorite. After the holidays are over, the lavender will make its way into a garden box or directly in the ground. They’re not meant to be houseplants where I live.

It turned out very nice. My mom and I kept reminding one another, BASTA! because we both can get carried away. Sometimes, less is more.

My favorite color is red, deep red. So, both in and outdoors tend to take on an Italian flag theme but, hey, green, white, and red are traditional holiday colors. Only thing is I use silver instead of white, except for lights. We do green, white, and red lights both in the front and back yards.

Have any of you guys started decorating yet? Do you decorate or not? I know if it was up to Mr. G, decorating would not happen. He’s just not into dragging everything out and all the boxes everywhere then putting everything away just to drag it all back out in January so I can take stuff down and put it away. He’s kind of a scrooge but a few glares or eye rolls usually gets him to ease up.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend and be safe. If you haven’t got your booster, get it. I get mine on Monday. And, please….MASK-UP…especially around unvaccinated MAGAts.

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