Coffee Talk

Welcome to Coffee Talk this Thursday morning, where free chat is the game we’re playing today.

As far as the coffee goes, it’s a double shot kind of day, and I might even consider a booster.

Today’s Topic:

Sometimes it seems hard to remember that some of my favorite music is a cover version of a great original, and it becomes hard to decide who did it better.

For example, think of these titles and see which version comes first to mind: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, Drift Away, Angel From Montgomery, American Woman.

Name a great cover song!

Okay, I’ll start, if you insist….

Remember this is your Thursday free chat, so the platform is yours to use as you please. Lend us your ears, sing out of key, or just let us know what’s on your mind today.

Make it a good Thursday, everyone. The wind is howling here today, stay safe wherever you are.

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