Marjorie Taylor Greene Refers to Asians as ‘Yellow People’ …

as She Brags About Diversity at Right-Wing Event

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) referred to “yellow people” while pushing back against claims of the GOP being a “white supremacist party.”

The Georgia Republican mentioned the term—which was historically used as a racist slur against Asian people—in her Sunday opening remarks on the second day of “AmericaFest”, a conference organized by conservative group Turning Point USA.


“When I walked in yesterday, I was like, what kind of people come here?” Greene said. “So I’m walking around and seeing some good people, and I see white people, Black people, brown people, yellow people.”

“And then there’s talk of freedom and loving America and conservative principles, some crazy people in here were talking about how much they love this guy named Jesus. And I heard — someone I really like — I think I heard that a lot of people here like a guy named Donald J. Trump.”


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