Georgia Election Workers File Suit Against Rudy Giuliani and OAN

It was the second defamation lawsuit by Fulton County election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss this month over debunked claims they introduced suitcases of illegal ballots and committed other acts of election fraud to try to alter the outcome of the presidential election in Georgia. The pair, a mother and daughter, sued conservative website The Gateway Pundit on Dec. 2.

The lawsuit filed Thursday says One America News Network continued to accuse Freeman and Moss of wrongdoing even after Georgia election officials refuted the allegations against them. Giuliani, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, appeared frequently on the network and along with OAN, “continued to publish and amplify the lie,” according to the suit filed in federal court in Washington.

The suit says Freeman and Moss received “an immediate onslaught of violent and racist threats and harassment” as a result of the false claims against them and are “afraid to live normal lives.” It seeks punitive damages as well as a court order requiring the defendants to remove false statements about Freeman and Moss from their websites and other media channels.

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The legal action seeks to force the defendants to delete false statements about the two women from their platforms. It also asks for compensatory and punitive damages.

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Read the complaint. Here’s a small sample of what one plaintiff went through:

On January 6. 2021 a crowd surrounded Ms. Freeman s house some on foot. some
in vehicles, others equipped with a bullhorn. Fortunately, Ms. Freeman had followed the FBI’s
advice and had temporarily relocated from her home. She was not able to return for two months.

This is a case that Rachel Maddow has been covering.

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