Coffee Talk

Good morning from the blustery depths of winter here in the Great Lakes region on this first annual commemoration of the Great Trump Failure.

Today’s it’s likely to be all things January 6, and we’re here to give you a platform to either A) sink your teeth into the insurrection B) escape the cacophony with a rich mix of cat pix and toons or C) Coffee Talk’s suggested topic.

Yes, it’s Thursday’s free chat where you’ve got a space to express what disturbs you, delights you, or befuddles you. Can you say Freedom? You’re welcome.

Today’s Topic:

It’s been a year since the Worst President in American History flushed ten times and still couldn’t overthrow the duly elected 46th President Joe Biden. In a long history of fair elections — well, we can make an exception or two, right? — we’ve had some good ones and some not great ones and then there was Trump. NOT our favorite. I found this little Andersen Cooper roast to our NOT Favorite President, and enjoyed it. Maybe you will, too.

Do you have a favorite President?

I thought it might be a good day to take a moment and reminisce our American history, to indulge ourselves with the terms that got it (mostly) right. There are Presidents who were visionaries, those who exuded strength, those who embodied humility and compassion, those who implemented policies that improved our daily lives.


If you feel vaguely numb to rah-rah patriotism, just grab your caffeinated beverage — and in my case this morning, a banana/coconut muffin — and nurse your cells with some less-than-cerebral chit-chat, overnight news, or whatever you need to get off your chest.

Let’s make it an average January 6, shall we?

Who will be Trump' running mate?