Ohio Math teacher travels the country spreading the ‘Big Lie’

Ohio's finest McMath teacher pimps the Big Lie: "America was stolen by an Excel spreadsheet."

“I’d like the country to stand up and say, ‘Wow, this thing was ripped off. Let’s do a do-over or let’s put Trump back in office. ‘”

Douglas Frank

Currently on leave from his math teaching position in Ohio, Douglas Frank travels the country pimping the ‘big lie’ that Trump won the 2020 Election in a landslide. He claims that just about every county in the country was hacked and that a mathematical equation he discovered proves the election was stolen.

Frank is just one of several lunatics inspired by TFG’s election lies, who are dedicated to proving and convincing others that the 2020 election was corrupt. He has connected with women he calls, ‘super moms,’ who have embraced his unfounded conspiracy theory and helped him spread it by going door to door trying to uncover “phantom voters. “

The Super Mom’s Super Duper Handy Work:

  • New Hampshire: Super moms called for a so-called forensic audit (fraudit); want to ban voting machines and move to in hand count only elections.
  • Colorado: Super moms organized door knocking campaign to uncover “phantom voters. “
  • Pennsylvania: Super moms have pressured state GOP lawmakers to review the 2020 election, launched voter canvases, and pushed the state to get rid of electronic voting machines.

Frank has the financial bit backing of Mike Lindel the CEO for my pillow. He also serves as an expert witness for Lindel‘s attorney and his paid for specific projects.

According to Frank he is, “…the perfect person in this world to discover” a ‘sixth order polynomial equation’ because he has, ‘…the right skills’ and ‘…loves swimming in big data.’

Watch his interview with CNN below:

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