Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman files suit against several MAGAts

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who played a key role in TFG’s first impeachment, has filed suit in the federal district court in Washington against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Dan Scavino, and Julia Hahn. Vindman alleges the MAGAts “mounted a coordinated campaign to intimidate and retaliate against him after he testified before House investigators.”

Vindman and his lawmakers argue the group conspired with one another “with a shared purpose of preventing, by force, intimidation, or threat, Lt. Col. Vindman from holding and discharging the duties of his office” in violation of federal civil rights law.

“Whatever one thinks of the merits of the underlying impeachment, purposefully attacking witnesses for participating in an official proceeding and telling the truth cannot be dismissed as politics as usual and cannot be tolerated in a nation built on the rule of law,” Vindman’s lawyers wrote in their complaint. “However toxic our politics may have become, this kind of unlawful conduct must not be accepted as ‘normal’ in any healthy democracy.”

Vindman was among the officials who listened to a July 2019 phone call Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during which he repeatedly urged his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate then-presidential hopeful Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in exchange for a White House visit and military aid.


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