Kyle Rittenhouse Sets Up Grifting Project to Hold Media Accountable in Court

On the Tucker Carlson show last night, Kyle Rittenhouse announced he has set up “The Media Accountability Project” to help him deal with the media in court.

Kyle said they were also looking at politicians, celebrities and athletes who called him a murderer or white supremacist as those they could target with lawsuits.

Here is the sales pitch to help Kyle. Someday you might find his grifting project on Truth Social.

Several critics of Kyle’s project suggest he has no case to sue people who still refer to him as a “murderer” as it is still considered opinion under the law.

Edward Snowden, former NSA whistleblower, said, “As someone called worse things by bigger names, lawsuits against newspapers over hurt feelings—and even false claims—are not the answer. Won’t fix people, but will harm rights.”

Barbara McQuade, law professor and former federal attorney, said a defamation case would be unlikely to succed. “By inserting himself into the civil unrest in Kenosha, Rittenhouse voluntarily became a limited purpose public figure, which subjects defamation claims against him to the actual malice standard.”


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