Liveblog - The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: February 25, 2022

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Russian forces press closer to Kyiv

On Ukraine’s Snake Island, a defiant last stand against Russian forces

As the Russian military pounded targets across Ukraine with an array of bombs and missiles, a small team of Ukrainian border guards on a rocky, desolate island received an ominous message: Give up or be attacked.

“I am a Russian warship,” a voice from the invaders said, according to a recording of the communications. “I ask you to lay down your arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary deaths. Otherwise, you will be bombed.”

The Ukrainians responded boldly.

“Russian warship,” came the reply, “go f— yourself.”

The Russians opened fire, eventually killing the 13 border guards.

Devastation, Destruction, and Ruin:

Putin’s Propaganda:

Putin says Ukraine’s forces should ‘take power’ from Zelensky and ‘neo-Nazis’ in Kyiv

Addressing his hawkish Security Council by video link on Friday, Putin claimed “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine had placed heavy weapons in residential neighborhoods in cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv, saying they were “acting like terrorists” and using women, children, wives and elderly people “as human shields.”

He said Russia’s main fight was not against the regular armed but what he called neo-Nazi gangs.

Putin also claimed without evidence that the United States was advising these forces to deploy heavy weapons in civilian areas, and demanded the West stop supplying weapons to Moscow.

Possible Negotiations…possible:

What Others are Saying:

Barack Obama Calls Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine ‘Reckless’ and ‘Brazen’

Greed Over People:

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