Lauren Boebert Says Prince John Runs the Federal Government

It’s time to demand Colorado Rep Lauren Boebert show us her GED.

In Boebert’s latest attempt to insult President Biden, she attempted to compare Biden to Prince John from uhh…. Prince John.

And if that amount of stupid didn’t hurt enough, she went on to contradict the point she was trying to make about Biden’s energy policies.

She blathered on about federal taxes at the gas pump “taxing us into poverty,” and mocked Biden for the refusal of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates to speak to the White House.

“International leaders want to talk to someone who is really in charge, not the guy with the ice cream.”

  • In August 2021, it was discovered that Boebert failed to reveal that her husband made $478,000 the previous year working as a consultant for Terra Energy Productions. Federal law requires members of Congress and candidates to file disclosures that reveal the income and assets of their spouses and dependent children.
  • Also in August 2021, the Denver Post reported that the Boebert campaign was reimbursed by her campaign for over $22,000 in mileage. According to the IRS’s mileage rate, Boebert would have had to have driven 38,712 miles to justify the reimbursements.

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