UPDATE: Virginia GOP Official Calls Biden’s Secretary of Defense a ‘Stinking’ N-Word – 

And Calls For a ‘Good Public Lynching’

Republican official in Virginia is being pushed to resign by the local GOP after a Facebook post was discovered in which he used the N-word and floated the idea of “lynching” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and other leaders in Washington, D.C.

The Republican Party of Hampton, Virginia last week became aware of a February 2021 Facebook post by Hampton Electoral Board Chair David Dietrich. In the post, Dietrich attacked Austin—the first Black Defense Secretary in U.S. history—and other Democratic leaders. The controversy was first reported by local WAVY News 10.

Dietrich said in the post that Austin’s efforts to root out white nationalists in the military was actually a ploy “to remove conservative, freedom-loving Americans from the roles.” He said Austin and other Democratic leaders are “vile and racist,” describing them as “stinking” N-words.


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