DeSantis and His Bigly Dictatorial Day

Trump 2.0

Governor Ron DeSantis had a big day at The Villages in Florida, signing bills and making threats against Disney, Twitter and higher education.

The main event was the signing of a bill to “reform” higher education.

Essentially it’s a bill that aims to make tenure harder to maintain for faculty at state colleges and universities, but it’s DeSantis-speak for addressing woke educators and keeping political views out of classrooms and the indoctrination of students.

Quite frightening, actually. You can read more about that in the Tampa Bay Times.

While the cameras were rolling and he had everyone’s attention, DeSantis also continued his culture war with “Woke Disney.”

In a bigly “surprise,” DeSantis called on the state legislation this week to move on consideration of a bill eliminating all “independent special districts” in the state formed before 1968. In 1967, Reedy Creek Improvement District established approximately 40 square miles for Disney World to operate its theme park independently of most state regulations.

But wait, there’s more. DeSantis threatened the Twitter board with state action.


This might be a good day to agree with Roger Stone.