Under oath, TFG testifies  he personally oversaw the pay of the Trump Organization

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday that The Daily Beast published, TFG testified under oath that he personally oversaw “the compensation of an executive (Matthew Calamari Sr.) whose corporate perks have been under scrutiny by the Manhattan district attorney, potentially strengthening the case against the former president and his company for tax fraud.”

According to a transcript of the Oct. 18, 2021 deposition, Trump repeatedly asserted that he—and only he—oversaw the way Matthew Calamari Sr. was paid for his work as the family company’s chief operating officer.

“It would be me,” Trump repeatedly said, when asked who had “authority” over Calamari’s compensation.

That would potentially make Trump personally responsible for any tax dodging scheme, and more importantly, is useful evidence in the grand jury investigation that has yet to produce an indictment against him.

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