Goofy Woman Goes Off The Rails at Clark County School Board Meeting

A leader of a parent group supporting Nevada Republicans spewed nonsense from the dais of a Clark County School Board meeting.

The woman started off on a pro-family values, anti-Disney diatribe that went straight downhill into the gutter.

Where she started…..

“Disney is super creepy and weird. California allows you to have sex with kids as long as there’s a 10 year or less age difference. That’s where we’re taking our kids, with our sexually confused teachers who don’t have children of their own?”

And the downhill slide….

“Teach your girls not to let every guy cum in them so they won’t have to have abortions! Take control of your children! Oh god, I’m sorry, ejaculate. Don’t let everyone ejaculate. … Planned parenthood was founded to kill minorities.”

And when she was asked to stop talking out of her ass….

“No! … Hey! You have a box of pubic hairs!”

See for yourself, but don’t forget the Lysol.

But hey — LIBS OF TIK TOK, amirite? /s

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