Special Grand Jury Seated In Georgia’s Election Investigation

A pool of 200 potential jurors was narrowed down to 23 residents of Georgia who will sit privately with prosecutors in the coming months to determine whether Trump and his allies unlawfully meddled in Georgia’s 2020 election.

These jurors will help prosecutors decide whether to take unprecedented action and charge a former president with a crime.

Willis intends to wait until June 1 to call witnesses to avoid interfering in the May 24 primary election.

Fulton Superior Court Judge Robert C.I. McBurney administered an oath and asked whether would-be jurors had already made up their minds either way on the matter, which touches on one of the most polarizing and disruptive political figures in American history.

The Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis’s investigation will focus on three main points:

  • The Jan. 2, 2021 phone call between Trump and Brad Raffensperger in which Trump asked for the Secretary of State to “find” nearly 12,000 votes
  • False claims made by Rudy Giuliani during a Georgia legislative session
  • The abrupt resignation of Georgia-based U.S. attorney BJay Pak, who testified that he faced pressure from Trump

The proceedings will not be public. While some witnesses may decide to speak about their testimony, little else will be publicized until the grand jury issues its recommendations.

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