Haven Kansas Votes to Remove ‘In God We Trust’ From Police Vehicles

DATELINE: HAVEN, Kan. — Council member Sandra Williams voiced concerns to Police Chief Stephen Schaffer regarding the decals and the quoting of scripture on the Haven Police Department Facebook page. She said the council did not believe Facebook was the correct forum to be discussing God.

After a brief exchange, Schaffer asked if those were directives from the council, and Mayor Adam Wright said it was.

Williams moved to eliminate the quoting of scripture on Facebook, as well as the decals. Councilwoman Kylie Rush seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Chief Schaffer said that a few months ago an officer approached him with the idea of putting the motto on the police vehicles.

“So, I was like, ‘why not?’ We did it. It’s on our money. It’s our national motto. So I didn’t figure it would be a problem.”


Here’s a couple quotes from the community.

◾️“I don’t think it hurts anything. I think the community feels that way. We have five churches in our community.”

◾️Whenever we are in emergency, we rely on [police], so they have to put their trust in something else besides human aspects.

These are from a site called POLICE 1, it seems to be a site by cops for cops.

◾️I wonder if those same councilors would forgo all their earnings because the currency they receive their paychecks in has the same motto on it? 

◾️”In God, We Trust” is printed on our currency; it shouldn’t bother anyone that it’s on the cars. I have no issue with the council asking for the department’s Facebook page not to have verses. 

◾️Petty. Absolutely petty. I’m not a churchgoer nor am I religious but really, is this hurting anyone? Is having the motto “In God We Trust,” whether it’s on the side of a building or the side of a patrol car, pushing a religious agenda? No, it’s not. 

◾️Sandra Williams needs to be removed from the council along with the member who seconded her motion. This is God’s country and I for one am sick and tired of people trying to remove him from our lives.

And my personal favorite:

◾️I think that this is absolutely ridiculous and should not be allowed to be voted on. Part of the First Amendment, if people would take the time to actually educate themselves on it, was created to prevent the government from getting involved in religion, not to keep religion out of government. This is an obvious fringe [sic] on First Amendment rights and should be treated as such in my opinion. God bless all in blue!!


No scripture and/or proselytizing

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