Free Chat Friday, Week 20

Good Morning News Viewers, it’s Friday the 13th, a day that’s supposed to scare us, bad luck, horror, wailing, howling wolves. A day of no hats on the bed, no walking under ladders, no breaking mirrors, of spiky black cats. …

NEWS FLASH, Universe. After SCOTUS, Trump, COVID, The GOP, the Talibangelicals, Russian Invasions and China Lurking, the breakdown of our culture, the build-up of a controlled and secretive digital life, united morphing into divided, truth morphed into lip-service…. etcetera…. Friday the 13th is about as scary as a marshmallow.

We live and breathe Scary, and it looks nothing like a Cat, and feels nothing like walking under a ladder.

Fearless is what we are on this Friday the 13th. What good is fear? It’s gotten us where we are, paranoid, enraged and screaming at TVs. So we move on past fear and into action, at least talking about it, right?

This is Friday’s Free Chat, a time to talk about whatever comes to mind and heart, a time to learn from political cartoons which, unlike the overly edited and polished ”news”, just tell it without pulling any punches, without walking on eggshells.

So fill us all in, News Viewers, what’s going on in your scary world on this the Bad Luck Day of the year?

Who should be the next senator from California?