Trump is Now Doing Motivational Speaking — With Tickets That Cost Up To $4995

Former President Donald Trump is jumping on the paid speaking circuit by joining the American Freedom Tour, Axios reports.

The group’s founder, Chris Widener, didn’t confirm Trump’s speaking fee to Axios, but said “most all of our speakers get paid an honorarium for the event.”

Trump has reportedly already completed two speaking gigs in Houston and Sunrise, Florida, and his next gig will be in Austin, Texas, this coming Saturday. Tickets start a $9 for the “Satellite tier” and up to $4,995 for the “presidential tier” which includes a photo op with Trump and prime seating at his events.

Presidential tier tickets cost $4,995. That includes early access to the event site, admission to a reception and a photo-op with Trump’s son Don Jr., as well as premium seating to watch Trump speak in person.

No price is listed for the top Patriot tier. Interested parties are instructed to email for more information. That tier includes a roundtable and photo-op with former President Trump himself and a roundtable with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Trump previously headlined AFT events in Houston and Sunrise, Florida, and is booked for one in Memphis next month. Other AFT events this year have featured MAGA stars including Don Jr., Pompeo, Candace Owens and Dinesh D’Souza.



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