Dinesh D’Souza’s New ‘Box Office Smash,’ “2000 Mules” is Factually Inaccurate, Shocking!

Pardoned felon, Dinesh D’Souza, released a new movie titled, “2000 Mules,” that claims to have all this evidence proving that President Biden didn’t win the 2020 election but it doesn’t. Even the geolocation maps in ‘2000 Mules’ are misleading. One appears to be a map of Moscow.

The cast of clowns explain their debunked conspiracy theory below:

From the Washington Post:

What filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza would like you to think is that he and his partners at the conservative activist group True the Vote have cracked the case of the 2020 election. D’Souza’s new film, “2000 Mules,” purports to show a grand conspiracy of collecting and submitting ballots in that election, enough to have made Joe Biden the president. But, as we’ve noted, not only does the film completely fail to provide any evidence of that being the case, even D’Souza admits that he didn’t have the evidence that would have been required to prove it.

The film has already been subjected to a battery of debunkings, from the implication that the cellphone geolocation data essential to D’Souza’s case helped solve a murder (it didn’t) to claims that individuals shown depositing more than one ballot necessarily depict criminal activity (they don’t).

A misdirected ‘mule’

The heart of the film centers on a conversation between D’Souza and Gregg Phillips, the person at True the Vote responsible for compiling and analyzing the geolocation data. This is data that your phone collects as you move and which is aggregated and sold to marketers. Phillips claims that, by analyzing a huge set of data from swing states, he and his team were able to identify people — pejoratively labeled “mules” — who traveled to multiple ballot drop boxes and to nonprofit organizations, suggesting a nefarious plot to cast suspect ballots.

***Click on the link provided above to view the maps that D’Souza and his True the Vote clowns used to connect the dots. One image they took was analyzed and it’s not Atlanta but…MOSCOW!

From NPR:

A pro-Trump film suggests its data are so accurate, it solved a murder. That’s false

A conservative “election integrity” group called True The Vote has made multiple misleading or false claims about its work, NPR has found, including the suggestion that they helped solve the murder of an eight-year-old girl in Atlanta.

The claims appear in a new pro-Trump film called “2,000 Mules,” which purports to have “smoking gun” evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election in the form of digital device location tracking data. Former president Donald Trump has embraced the film, which has gained popularity on the political right, along with the claim about the murder case.

Trump’s official spokesperson, Liz Harrington, said True The Vote “solved a murder of a young little girl in Atlanta. I mean, they are heroes.” Fans of the film have echoed that message on social media.

That claim is false.

Authorities in Georgia arrested and secured indictments against two suspects in the murder of Secoriea Turner in August 2021.

In response to NPR’s inquiries, True The Vote acknowledged it had contacted law enforcement more than two months later, meaning it played no role in those arrests or indictments.

Politifact also has more information debunking D’Souza’s latest “Oscar Award Winning’ crap.

  • The 2020 presidential election was secure and evidence from state and federal officials and courts shows no indication of widespread fraud. While authorities identified isolated cases of voter fraud, these instances were in such small numbers it would not have changed the election’s outcome. 
  • A documentary by Dinesh D’Souza, a far-right commentator, furthers the myth that something sinister occurred with mail ballots during the 2020 election. D’Souza told Fox News that “mules” delivered 400,000 illegal votes. Experts say the evidence D’Souza points to is inherently flawed.
  • Many states have laws allowing people to return completed mail ballots on behalf of others, such as family members. Ballot drop boxes are more secure than standard mail boxes.

A little bit of background on felon D’Souza, he’s a birther and came out with this hit piece on former President Obama that flopped and was discredited like his latest film:

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