Let the Conspiracy Theories Begin

Welp, that didn’t take long. It appears the radicalized right have conjured up a few nutjob conspiracy theories about Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas that ended the lives of at least twenty-one people.

The bodies weren’t even cold and out pops Rep. Paul Gosar (Idiot-AZ) who claimed the alleged shooter was an undocumented transexual. What was Paul’s evidence for his bogus claim? Something incredibly ridiculous, untrue, and inflammatory he found on 4chan, a part of the internet normal people would never patronize.

He since deleted his tweet. But, it serves as a glaring reminder that the GQP will try anything and everything to deflect blame from America’s gun laws and onto the far-right’s favorite targets,” undocumented people, transgenders, ‘leftists!’ or anyone who is not, thankfully!!! one of them.

Trolls on 4chan, part of The Worst People in the World, grabbed ‘random images of a transgender artist from their Reddit account and claimed they were photos of the 18-year-old Uvalde shooter. The images show a trans woman in a red, long-sleeved Coca-Cola shirt and black miniskirt, which the trolls claimed was the shooter, identified by law enforcement officials as Uvalde resident Salvador Ramos.

One post on 4chan discussing the campaign to boost these lies admitted that Ramos was not trans, but that “this was good optics,’ adding: ‘Let’s just call every one of these school shooters trannies. No glory for degenerate losers.’

Not only did they post their vile hate and lies on 4chan, some trolls took their disinformation campaign to other shitholes such as: Telegram and Gab. Like most disinformation campaigns, their claims finally found their way to Facebook and Twitter, exactly where Gosar posted his now deleted tweet.

The woman whose images the trolls found and used to bolster their bogus conspiracy theory about the alleged shooter came forward and posted a message on Reddit Tuesday night titled, “It’s not me, I don’t even live in Texas.”

“They are my pics,” she wrote. “People are using [them] to make trans people look like murderers and blaming me for the shooting.”

On the shithole, Bitchute, where radicalized wingnuts listen and watch debunked conspiracy theories and hate filled rants, commenters regurgitated the exact same vomit as the vomit inducing trolls on 4chan. I will not provide a link to said shithole; just know I listened and watched so you wouldn’t have to, albeit not that long because…well, vomit. But here’s a sampling of how the lowest forms of life reacted to Tuesday’s school shooting:

***And on that note: IF you came to this website to troll, post a bunch of debunked conspiracy theories, or claims of ‘false flags’ or the usual hate filled BS, we have come to expect from you, we will ban you without any warning. Stay in your lane–the worst places the internet has to offer.

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