Retailers Start Rationing Emergency Contraceptives as Demand Spikes

Retailers across the country have now seen a spike in demand for emergency contraceptives following the Extreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and certain states outlawing abortion.

Although CVS stated they currently have ample supply of the drug, they will temporarily limit the purchase of Plan B and Aftera to three packs per customer. Rite-Aid will also limit purchases to three per customer.

Walgreens’s website showed Tuesday that two emergency contraceptives — Plan B and Take Action — were out of stock for shipping but available for pickup and same-day delivery in certain stores.

Kroger’s website states that Plan B is not available for shipping and that in-store stocks are low.

At Target and Walmart, the Plan B pill is eligible for shipping and pickup, but the time of delivery varies across locations. It can also be purchased directly on the Plan B website, but it is only eligible for four-to-six-day shipping.

***For those that do not know how things work and have labeled emergency contraceptives as abortifacient drugs, (they’re not), please go here to read more about emergency contraceptives.

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