Handwritten Letter From Betsy DeVos Secures Trump Endorsement of RINO Candidate

The last the Former Guy heard of Betsy DeVos, she was aiming to have him removed from office by way of the 25th Amendment following the Capitol riot. When Mike Pence failed to agree with that plan, DeVos resigned from her cabinet position the following day.

That didn’t stop her from reaching out to TFG with a handwritten letter to collaborate on support of a DeVos-backed candidate for governor in Michigan, Tudor Dixon. The DeVos family of billionaires has been a longtime Republican political powerhouse in Michigan.

“I hear that some have implied that my family and I are working against you in Michigan,” said the former Secretary of Education. “That is fake news. Those telling you that are doing so for their own personal gain.”

“Your support of Tudor can make the winning difference!” Ms. DeVos closed her Wednesday letter. “Very sincerely, Betsy.”

It worked, and Trump endorsed Dixon against “that woman from Michigan,” Gretchen Whitmer.

The DeVos’s have been at war with Mr. Trump’s followers in the state, choosing different sides in consequential primaries for the state Legislature and endorsements at the state party’s convention. In the days before Trump endorsed Dixon, several down ballot candidates sent him letters encouraging him not to do business with DeVos.

The TFG endorsement will test the grassroots followers against what many call the RINO establishment candidate, Tudor Dixon.

One of those other candidates expressed his feelings about the endorsement by saying, “We have the old guard, the establishment, the DeVos empire that are putting their thumb on the scale. And we have ‘we the people,’ these grass roots folks that are standing up.”