Christian Owned Hobby Lobby Trespasses Man Giving Water to Homeless in 90-Degree Heat

“We’re Christians,” Hobby Lobby’s president Steve Green proclaims, “and we run our business on Christian principles.” – The Week, 2015


DATELINE MT. VERNON, Wa. — An independent community activist organizer, Matt Uyeno, said that very few cooling shelters are available to help, especially those that allow pets and that remain open past 6 p.m., which can oftentimes be the warmest part of the day. Skagit County lists nine available cooling centers on its website, two of which are located in Mount Vernon. Just one of those two is open on weekends, while the other is only open between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

After taking in $600 in donations, Uyeno bought 30 gallons of water and coolers with food and went to the Safeway gas station on College Way last Friday. According to Uyeno, he set up in a parking spot near the gas station where he refilled people’s water bottles with water and Gatorade for two hours. The Mount Vernon Police Department then arrived and ordered everyone to “move along,” but didn’t provide resources for the homeless, according to Uyeno.

Uyeno then went across the street to a Dollar Tree where the manager said he could set up. After several hours of handing out water he left and returned to that same spot around 4PM the next day.

Soon after, an SUV with the Mount Vernon Police Department pulled up and an officer said Uyeno was being trespassed from Hobby Lobby, which is next door to Dollar Tree. He had crossed a few feet onto the Hobby Lobby property.

Uyeno said he was trying to save lives. He said no one from Hobby Lobby had come out to talk to him.

After relocating back at Dollar Tree, he continued to pass out water until 10 p.m. He ordered 17 large pizzas for “themselves, the homeless, and employees of Dollar Tree.”

Hobby Lobby had no comment for the TV news reporter.

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Christian Hobby Lobby CEO and founder David Green was fined millions, for buying stolen antiquities for his Museum of the Bible, including the Gilgamesh Dream Tablet. He “agreed” to return 11,500 artifacts from his collection to Iraq and Egypt.

In the Just Desserts File, in 2020 the Museum commissioned a study that found its collection of Dead Sea Scrolls, acquired by Hobby Lobby president Steve Green, was composed entirely of fakes.

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