Ohio Jan.6 Rioter Who Wore Jacket With His Name On It Pleads Guilty

Troy Faulkner kicking in door, notice the Thin Blue Line flag of the seditionist Law Enforcement rioters.

An Ohio man who was seen kicking in a window at the Capitol on Jan. 6, while wearing a jacket displaying his last name, the name of his business and its phone number, pleaded guilty Friday to destroying government property.

Troy Faulkner admitted to damaging the window during the deadly riot and agreed to pay $10,560 in restitution. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington, D.C.

Faulkner was an easy suspect to identify: He was caught on video trying to break the window while wearing a jacket emblazoned with “Faulkner Painting” and his company’s phone number.

He will be sentenced in October, and under a plea deal could get up to 8 Months according to his attorney.


In a letter to the Columbus Dispatch the Faulkner Painting guy wrote:

“It seemed the cops were antagonizing us and letting them straight into the building in the front so I believe it was all set up for the Trump people,” he said. “I knew I shouldn’t have kicked in the window. I was upset and wasn’t thinking rationally.”

Faulkner, who had allegedly said in a social media exchange that the rioters “weren’t fighting against antifa [sic] we’re fighting against the government,” had high praise for Machado, his government-appointed lawyer.

The Faulkner Painting Guy’s attorney tried to argue that his client shouldn’t have to foot the entire bill of $10,560 for damage to the door because someone else kicked it too. The judge wasn’t buying.

“I have seen the videotape,” the judge said. “It was Mr. Faulkner’s foot that went through that pane of [wood or glass]. It was his foot that succeeded in breaking through into the building. There is another person in the video tape who tried, unsuccessfully, [but] it was Mr. Faulkner who was successful in getting his foot through the pane of wood.”


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