Free Range Free Chat

Happy Monday all — now you know what time it is? Time to wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey, oh, and the beverage of your choice… I myself am partial to coffee which is pure and unadulterated with such annoyances as cream and sugar….OH C’Mon, you know I’m right……

Welcome to our Monday free chat, free range, where we tackle almost any topic which comes to mind.

On my mind today is a big planet made small by going green and diverse in your own yard or patio, On my mind today is a small group of Afghan women protesting their oppression in the face of big guns and a big Ayatollah. On my mind today is a petite speaker’s trip to a small Taiwan despite big noise from big China. On my mind today is our big planet and the micro forests we plant to begin its big and miraculous process of rejuvenation. On my mind today are small interactions — jokes, questions, thoughts— exchanged as chat and becoming the formation of big community… The Power of the Small.

Today we chat about anything and everything; what you have to say is what we want to hear, within reason of course. Our backdrop, as you see in the pictures, is not vast, global, dramatic. You’re looking at micro-forests, our trend in reintroducing areas of biodiversity in back yards, playgrounds, courtyards. They serve as our Monday metaphor — the Power in the Small— our idea today that what needs to be fixed is too vast, we start enacting change where we are as we can, in our own back yard.

The power in the small. let us know what’s happening with you, with the free exchange of ideas big and ideas small.