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Good Thursday morning, News Viewers! Another beautiful day is on the horizon, and there’s so much to Coffee Talk about — time to wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey! I assume everyone slept well last night knowing that some bigly important people probably did not sleep well.


I do love how our lovely PMS greets the Community each Thursday but on this particular Thursday, she has some real life matters that are more important and pressing. So, guess what? Y’all are stuck with me on this fine, hot, and muggy Thursday.

We gather together at the Thursday free chat to vent, celebrate, laugh, and share. Drop your cat pics, gardening tips, recipes, and all other essential free chat items here.

If necessary, Coffee Talk offers a suggested topic of the day, designed just for fun.

Today’s Topic

Oh, pretty much whatever you want it to be. Anyone think a judge will jeopardize an ongoing investigation and perhaps compromise witnesses’ safety by releasing the “After David?”

If that doesn’t spark your interest, tell me what’s on your mind?

I’m trying to think of a gardening tip to share. Got one! BOTTOM WATERING.

Bottom Watering Potted Plants:

What is bottom watering? This is a method of watering plants from the bottom up. When you water potted plants from the bottom up, their roots get stronger because they’re always growing directly down toward the moisture. Plus, you’ll always know the moisture in the potting soil reaches all the way to the bottom of your plants’ roots. When you do it correctly, this method is suitable for any potted plant, both indoors and out.

I have a few in and outdoor plants in pots that really benefit from this technique; my zebra plant and Tradescantia Zebrina (Wandering Dudes) to name a few. It’s 2022, we should not continue to call Tradescantia Zebrinas/Wandering Dudes, Wandering Jews.

But, I take old pie tins and fill them partially with water then let the plants soak for about 30 minutes or more, if I forget about them. It really helps the plant stay hydrated, not wet but moist. Although I mentioned something about it being humid where I live, that’s not normal and these plants love humidity. As long as your pot has a drainage hole or more, you can do bottom watering with pretty much any plant.

Tell me about some of your gardening tips or…anything you want.

Enjoy the day and stay safe.

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