Talko Tuesday: August 30, 2022

Good morning, News Viewers, and welcome to a day that isn’t Monday.

So, I just pulled up the National Weather Service’s forecast for where I live for the duration of the week. Good grief! I knew it was going to get hot beginning today but this is hell hot we’re in store for. What should be a lovely, three-day weekend marking the unofficial end of summer and celebrating workers in this country will see temperatures reach anywhere between 110-113 degrees. WTF is that all about?!

I want to go to the beach to escape the oppressive heat we’ve battled with pretty much all summer. Actually, our weather has been bipolar with days very hot then out of nowhere, some rain or a bit chilly. I would love some rain and a bit chilly right about now.

What I found funny was when I pulled up the National Weather Service’s forecast for my favorite Sonoma County beach, they posted a ‘severe heat’ warning. 😂 😂 😂 Freaking wimps! 73 degrees is not excessive heat; it’s awesome. What it really means is: excessive traffic because so many people will have the exact same idea as I—get out of the heat; head to the ocean, which will result in excessive traffic.

Anyway, enjoy the day, stay safe and stay hydrated! Oh, and watch out for overturned tomato trucks. This time of year, we get a ton of those in Northern CA and end up with marinara sauce or salsa all over the freeways…and a bunch of dumbasses making the mess even worse because they have to look!

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