In Case You Missed It: September 09, 2022

With so much going on in our world, we sometimes miss important issues. Please feel free to share any headlines we may have missed or new developments providing they come from reliable and credible sources. We won’t accept any parroted, Russian propaganda from far-right ‘news’ sources unless you’re trying to point out that the far-right extremist in our country and elsewhere actually believe their own BS or Russian disinformation. Nor, will we except any parroted far-right BS regarding issues occurring here, at home. We also ask that you provide a link to your source so folks can read it if they want. Please do not make any claims that you cannot factually validate or verify.

President Biden/Biden Administration:


2022 Midterm Elections:

Gun Violence:

4 in custody after shooting at Uvalde Memorial Park leaves 2 people injured, police say

Uvalde Police said it ‘is not a dangerous situation for the general public

The Worst and Stupidest People in the World:

Your Brain on MAGAt:

Craven Assholes:

Here’s something you don’t see every day: A Republican gave a Joe Biden judicial nominee the one vote he needed to pass the Senate.

“He did a great job in committee, in my opinion,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) told reporters.

What’s happening: Andre B. Mathis on Thursday became the first Black male judge confirmed to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in almost 25 years. And Mathis did so by one vote, clearing the Senate 48-47 with Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) breaking from his party to give the nominee the votes.

“He did a great job in committee, in my opinion. He’s a partner at Butler Snow, which is a major national law firm. The criminal record that they talked about, that he forgot to face some traffic tickets, when they contacted him about it through a warrant, he just said, ‘It’s true, I forgot to pay them,’ and he paid up, but I just didn’t think that was disqualifying.”

What he’s referring to: A point of contention during Mathis’ nomination hearing was his receipt of a series of traffic tickets that led to a suspension of his license — which Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) labeled as a “rap sheet with a laundry list of citations.” In response, Mathis said that he “highly regret[s] that I’m in this situation.”

“I feel like I’ve embarrassed my family,” he told the committee, before explaining that he had forgotten to pay multiple speeding tickets, leading to his license being suspended. He was made aware through a warrant and paid the balance of the tickets.

And after doing the right thing, Senator Kennedy reverts back to a Craven Asshole:

State News:

Who should be the next senator from California?

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