Mike Lindell Tells Trump Crowd He Prayed For Democrats Warnock and Ossoff …

… to Win Their Senate Races So It Would Prove ‘Election Crime’

Mike Lindell was a warm-up act for Trump yesterday in Youngstow. He spoke for nearly an hour and a half.

Lindell recalled being at a rally watching the Senate races on Jan 4, 2021, when he began praying. “All of a sudden I started praying. I go, God, please let them take both of these senators. And you’re going, okay, Mike, you did it. No. The reason I say that [is] I’m a marketer, and if I were working for that evil, I would say, give them back one of these senators so they shut up about the election,” Lindell said.

According to the Trump advocate, if Democrats had not taken both seats, “most people in the country” would not believe there was alleged “election crime.” 

There is still no proof of the massive election fraud Lindell and Trump claim there was. Lindell continues to claim voting machines used in the election were rigged.

“I got news for you, there wouldn’t have been a 2022,” Lindell said. “It would have been over if they would have been smart and just gave one back, but instead you all know exactly where you were when they stole them both.”



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