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It’s that time again, News Viewers, time to face the TRUTH. It’s Monday all over again. … . Or is it? Monday here is Tuesday in Samoa; but Sunday on Baker Island. It’s all relative, and they are all days ending in ”Y” after all….

No matter when we are, then we are….. this from today’s version of the ”Duh” files….. 🙂 And regardless of time, it is still 2022 – Thankfully, using the powers of the mind, chrystal balls and the shite of bulls 😜 we can simply skip ahead, DECLASSIFY the future as it were, just by thinking about it…..

A new Nostradamus book by Mario Reading, on the best seller list, brings us up to speed…. Mario writes old Nos predicted the death of the Queen (or some 96 year old woman, anyway) — he predicted the rise of Hitler (unless someone mistranslated, and he was actually referring to the Danube River); still, there’s the bit about 7 months of war (Clearly Ukraine 😉, no 2023 trip to Mars (“the light of Mars will go out” quoth He….); economic disaster and/or a Remake of ”The Road”, you be the judge….. (So high will the bushel of wheat rise’, Nostradamus writes ‘that man will be eating his fellow man’) and of course, Climate Change (For forty years the rainbow will not be seen., For forty years it will be seen every day.) Plagiarize much, Nostro?

Downright eerie, I tell you. 🙄🙄Sounds like QAnon with fewer acronymns— but it’s possible old Nos was a better speller than Q and thus used entire words rather than “Wwg1wga“ or ”WROL” or ”TGIF” — wait, that one’s my future prediction, not Q’s…..”

Welcome to Free Range, our Free Chat on a certain day ending in Y…. This is our pixelated community sidewalk cafe where we gather to talk about all the topics fit to print, whether future, past, present, never or always — in times like these, we take the time and observe, remember and predict, to surmise, joke and above all, have some bacon and caffeine while we chat.

So whatever time it is in your neck of the woods, let’s talk about it— what’s going on?

What’s happening on your travels today?

Who should be the next senator from California?