Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton flees his home to avoid subpoena

When process server Ernesto Martin Herrera tried to serve Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton a subpoena on Monday, Paxton jumped in a truck driven by his wife, state Sen. Angela Paxton and the two fled their home.

“I walked up the driveway approaching Mr. Paxton and called him by his name. As soon as he saw me and heard me call his name out, he turned around and RAN back inside the house through the same door in the garage,” Herrera wrote in the sworn affidavit.

Angela Paxton then exited the house, got inside a Chevrolet truck in the driveway, started it and opened the doors.

“A few minutes later I saw Mr. Paxton RAN from the door inside the garage towards the rear door behind the driver side,” Herrera wrote. “I approached the truck, and loudly called him by his name and stated that I had court documents for him. Mr. Paxton ignored me and kept heading for the truck.”

The subpoena Mr.Herrera tried serving AG Paxton with was for a federal court hearing Tuesday in a lawsuit from nonprofits that want to help Texans pay for abortions out of state.

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