Ohio QAnon-Promoting Candidate Said Air Force Punished Him for Getting in a Fight — 

With fellow losers, MTG, and Gym Jordan, nuff said

He Actually Was Busted for Drunk Driving at a Base in Japan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican J.R. Majewski has centered his campaign for a competitive Ohio congressional seat around his biography as an Air Force veteran. But one of the big questions that has surfaced is why Majewski was told he could not reenlist in the Air Force after his initial four years were up.

Majewski’s campaign said last week that he was punished and demoted after getting in a “brawl” in an Air Force dormitory in 2001. Military records obtained since then by The Associated Press, however, offer a different account of the circumstances, which military legal experts say would have played a significant role in the decision to bar him from reenlisting. They indicate Majewski’s punishment and demotion were the result of him being stopped for driving drunk on a U.S. air base in Japan in September 2001.

The documents, which were provided to the AP and independently authenticated, present yet another instance where the recorded history of Majewski’s service diverges from what he has told voters as he campaigns while using his veteran status as a leading credential.

Majewski, when presented with the facts, admits he was punished for drunk driving. He says it was 20 years ago “and I’m sure our parents and grandparents share these sentiments,” about making mistakes.

More Losers

◾️He was not allowed to reenlist, and after 4 years left the Air Force one notch (E-2) above where he started.

◾️Majewski also lied about serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

◾️He then lied that there was no record of a tour of duty in Afghanistan, because it was classified.

◾️ The National Republican Congressional Committee pulled TV ads for J.R. Majewski


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