Tudor Dixon Ad Goes Viral For All the Wrong Reasons

Tudor Dixon, the GOP candidate for Michigan governor, shared a new campaign video from a county GOP party chapter to her Twitter and Facebook accounts, and it was wildly popular, for all the wrong reasons…

Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson sharted shared the video on Twitter with a typo. The typo caused “sharted” to trend on Twitter on Monday.

The pile-on began on the party’s Facebook page, asking if the video was a parody.

  • “This is awesome!! Are you guys really working for Whitmer?”
  • “Should be on Comedy Central.”
  • “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d be embarrassed if I were you.”
  • SNL skit gone bad.

A screenshot from the County GOP Facebook page showed another typo, this time misspelling Dixon’s name.

Twitter was aflutter.

“This Roseanne sequel sucks.”
“Gram died alone.”

A local news source confirmed that the Gratiot County GOP paid $1,400 for the ad.

”We hired a professional videographer to shoot it, but everyone in it are local people from Gratiot County,” according to the Gratiot GOP Chairman.

Dixon has struggled to pay for her own TV ads. As of last month, her campaign spent about $924,000 on ads, while Whitmer and the Democratic groups supporting her spent $16.5 million.

Although the most recent polls show Whitmer leading Dixon by double digits, the Gratiot County GOP posted the lead was only 5.8 percent and closing.

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