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Today’s Topic

One thing on my mind this morning is the beauty of autumn. Here we are just beginning to observe some beautiful, colorful trees as the chlorophyll breaks down to reveal the warm yellow and red leaves. It’s October and time to enjoy a new season and all the good things that it brings — from warm sweaters and sweatshirts, warm fires, warm soups and pumpkin and apple treats from the oven, Halloween decor, and a seasonal deluge of scary movies.

What’s your favorite scary movie?

Perhaps the season of scary movies comes because of Halloween, but I prefer to think it’s inspired by the need for a lap blanket as the daylight hours wane. Always good to have an open-weave throw to peek through!

While some movies seem to have the Halloween theme, from slasher flicks to those about witchcraft or the occult, others are exquisitely suspenseful.

Welcome to Coffee Talk, where you can chat about the topic of your choice, or the suggested topic of the day — Scary Movies.

Make it a great Thursday, friends!

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