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Is it Monday again? Must we keep repeating Mondays when we all know it was a BAD idea to begin with. …? The day after the weekend, over and over…… it’s like some eternal torture visited upon we, the sinners, by the gods a punishment, but a weekly one. … At least other hell days are yearly, like April 15 or December 26, but there’s no getting away from Monday……

This particular Monday is Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day or Leif Erickson (oops, that’s October 9), none of which make any sense because Columbus thought he was somewhere else, Leif landed in Canada, and the First People were here all along, Also, to be fair, today is also National Mental Health Day, Angel Food Cake Day, National Hug a Drummer Day, Cuba Independence day and National Animal Road Accident Day…..

Many cows crossing rural road.

Sigh. I could go on — Oct. 10 seems to represent many things, but let’s face it, ”you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear” — a Monday is still a Monday— call it what you will.

Where are we, anyway?

I’m for calling today “National Lost on Some Ocean” day or “National Unfortunate Hat Day.” … .Even “National Not Monday Because I Said So” day……ENDless possibilities.

Columbus in his unfortunate hat.

Welcome to Free Range, our Not Monday free chat, where we freely chat and opine, we theorize and rant, all topics all the time, using the Miss Manners Ancient Tome of Civility and Table Manners. So EZ rules as stated in our community guidelines and following what President Lincoln, Mark Twain and Queen Victoria all said, ”Be not a douchebag because it’s not National Douchebag day” (It’s true, they said those exact words, I found it on the Google quotes and memes page…… 😁😁)

SO what’s on your minds and hearts today at NV? LET’s talk about it…..

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