Herschel Walker’s Story About Bull Ditching Pregnant Cows Raises Eyebrows

But in light of recent revelations the anti-abortion Republican paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion and allegedly denied the existence of several of his children, one of the regular anecdotes he’s employed on the trail—a tale of a bull who hops the fence for something better—has aged about as well as milk.

Campaigning in Carrollton Tuesday with Republican Senators Tom Cotton and Rick Scott, Walker—the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner as a Georgia Bulldog running back—regaled the crowd with a series of anecdotes about religion, inflation, “wokeism in the military,” rising crime rates and his chances in next month’s election.

But of all he discussed in his brief speech in the small northwestern Georgia city, it was his closing statement that appeared to garner the most attention online: a story of a bull with six cows, begun with a smiling Cotton and Scott behind him.


“They’ve been saying, something is better somewhere else. I’m here to tell you it’s not.

“I been telling this little story about this bull out in the field with six cows, and three of them are pregnant. So, you know he got something goin’ on.

“But all he cared about is keep his nose against the fence looking at three other cows that didn’t belong to him.

“Now all he had to do is eat grass. But no, no, no. He thought something was better somewhere else. So, he decided, ‘I want to get over there.’

“So one day he measured that fence up, and he said, ‘I think I can jump this.’ So that day came where he got back.

‘And as he got back and as he took off runnin’, he dove over that fence and his belly got cut up onto the bottom.

“But as he made it onto the other side, he shook it off and got so excited about it. And he ran to the top of that hill, but when he got up there he realized they were bulls too.

“So what I’m telling you, don’t think something is better somewhere else. This is the greatest country in the world today.”

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