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Happy Monday News Viewers, it’s the beginning of the week for some, the middle for others, the end for still others — here in the holler it’s just another day ending in Y, what shall we call it? How about ”cardinalhollerview”?

Cardinal in flight

Welcome to Free Range, our Monday Free Chat with an environmental bent. While today’s OP May be about words we invent to expand and better describe our present reality, this is an open forum, all topics all the time, whatever is on hearts and minds right here right now.

On my mind today, other than cats, cardinals, politics and food (you know, the usual:-) are words — here at NV we’re experts at inventing words — we probably have an infinite number of words to describe The Orange One and his cohorts. Words create our reality—so we won’t stop at TFG, the BLR described here is really about the permission to describe, create and make manifest a world that is changing too fast and in strange ways. …

The Bureau of Linguistical Reality is the art/language project that develops new words to express the complex feelings we have about moving through this changing world, a world that looks, feels and sounds different than that of the past.

This project was inspired by moments that the original artists had where they literally were at a loss for words to describe emotions, ideas or situations they found themselves experiencing because of climate change.

For centuries philosophers, linguists, psychologists and others have noted the power of words to influence people’s thoughts and actions and vice versa. We . … . believe sincerely that until we have the language to describe the changing world around us, we will not be able to fully grasp what is happening.

For example, the word genocide was created by the lawyer Raphael Lemkin in the 1940s to describe “the destruction of a nation or an ethnic group.” He created the word by combining Greek genosγένος, “race, people” and Latin cīdere “to kill”.   Once this word was created a phenomena became real. When people now hear this word, they call up a whole understanding of this tragic human phenomena. They are able to use the word in conversations and debates and those who hear it understand it to be a real thing.

For words and definitions, check the link BLR or better yet, make up your own words to describe your own reality. Why? Because it’s free chat, people, home of words, ideas, solutions and all things funny…. whatcha got?

Bureau of Linguistic Reality and Smithsonian

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