Ohio Supreme Court Indefinitely Suspends Tank-Top Wearing State Judge for Misconduct

The Ohio Supreme Court on Tuesday indefinitely suspended from the bench a state judge who brushed off court closures during the pandemic, ignored rules for a prosecutor to be present for rulings and plea decisions, and wore inappropriate attire during court procedings.

Carr’s bench was littered with junk, dolls, cups and novelty items − her own attorney described it as “resembling a flea market.” She wore tank tops, T-shirts, spandex shorts and sneakers to court. And she discussed with staff and defendants a television show called “P-Valley” about a fictional Mississippi strip club.

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Suzanne Carr was suspended from her judgeship and the practice of law, and she agreed to undergo evaluations for her mental and physical health. Carr said menopause and sleep apnea caused a generalized anxiety disorder.

Carr was known to joke about accepting kickbacks for lenient sentences if defendants gave her food, beverages, carpeting or storage space. She also sent someone to jail for rolling their eyes.

In all, her misconduct involved more than 100 stipulated incidents.

Carr is able to reapply for her law license in two years if she proves to the supreme court she has dealt with her issues.

In order to vacate the suspension and be reinstated, the court said Carr will be required to submit a report from a qualified healthcare professional stating that she is “able to return to the competent, ethical and professional practice of law.”

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