Steve Bannon is Sentenced to 4 months in Prison for Contempt of Congress

Bannon on the way to the courthouse this morning

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has been sentenced to four months in prisons for each count — running concurrently — in the contempt of Congress case stemming from his refusal to comply with a House January 6 committee subpoena.

The judge also levied a $6,500.

Judge will allow Bannon to appeal before serving sentence

Nichols said that if Bannon files a timely appeal, he will issue an order suspending the prison sentence until the appeals process plays out.

Nichols said that while Bannon poses a “very small risk of recidivism with regard to congressional subpoenas,” there was a need to remind the public to cooperate with congressional investigations.

“Others must be deterred from committing similar crimes,” Nichols said.


Bannon and his attorney after the sentencing.
Trump appointee Judge Carl Nichols
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