Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Lil’ Marco Rubio’s White Supremacist Canvasser

News Views originally posted about Lil’ Marco Rubio’s White Supremacist pal who Marco claimed was attacked because of his political beliefs. Marco’s claim was not entirely true but that did not stop him from tweeting about, Fox ‘News’ perpetuating the lie, and other RW shitholes from posting this Fake News story.

Sen. Rubio (Liar-FL) also claimed ‘four animals’ attacked the victim, Christopher Monzon. Police state only two people allegedly attacked, Jonathan Casanova and Javier Lopez. Both men have been arrested and face aggravated battery charges.

According to The Miami Herald, “the Republican Party canvasser, who was brutally beaten in Hialeah on Sunday, did not say the attack was politically motivated when police officers first interviewed him that evening, according to a police spokesman.

An initial incident report said nothing about politics.” It was only after Monzon’s father spoke with Lil’ Marco and Marco tweeted about the attack that Monzon jumped on the “I’m a victim of a politically motivated crime” bandwagon.

In a sworn statement Monday afternoon, Monzon — who was canvassing for the Republican Party of Florida and has long-standing ties to the white supremacist movement — said one of his attackers told him that “he could not pass through because he was a Republican,” a police report released late Tuesday shows. “He didn’t mention it in the first interview. He did in the second,” Hialeah Police Department Sgt. José Torres told the Miami Herald. “We’re not going to say that the whole entire situation was politically motivated, but the guy was wearing a Marco Rubio shirt.”

In Jonathan Casanova’s police report, the “police said that Monzon was canvassing for Rubio and Gov. Ron DeSantis on a Hialeah street Sunday when Lopez and Casanova blocked his path. They began arguing and Lopez rushed Monzon and pushed him to the ground before Casanova started kicking him in the head, the report states.” Casanova also commanded his two German shepherds to attack Monzon.

According to campaign finance records, Monzon has earned more than $10,000 canvassing for Florida’s GOP since June.

Cassanova is no angel and has had several run ins with law enforcement. Miami-Dade records show, the most serious case involving an armed robbery in 2016. Casanova, described in that previous arrest report as a member of a Hialeah gang known as 24th Avenue, was accused of kidnapping and robbing at gunpoint a man he believed was a rival. Casanova pleaded guilty and accepted probation; he was granted a “withhold of adjudication,” which means the case didn’t count as a felony conviction.

He did register to vote in 2012 and declared no-party-affiliation as of 2016. According to state records, he’s no longer listed as a registered voter.

Currently Cassanova sits in the county jail waiting to get released on bond.

Earlier this week, the other alleged assailant Javier Lopez’s mother-a registered Republican, told the Herald that her son never voted. She also said the attack had nothing to do with politics.

On Tuesday night, Hialeah’s city council discussed passing an ordinance to protect campaign workers.

Although Monzon is a victim of a brutal crime that no one should condone, Lil Marco’s canvasser is no angel either.

It turns out he pals around with the Proud Boys, a right-wing paramilitary organization. The Proud Boys, a sort of hybrid social club and political gang with racist and violent tendencies, played a central role in organizing the January 6 assault.

Last June, the New York Times reported on how the Proud Boys has begun to take over the powerful Miami-Dade Republican Party organization. It is one of the more alarming signposts of the Republican Party’s evolution into authoritarianism.

Before he joined the GOP, Monzon was involved in other white supremacist causes. He participated in the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, where he allegedly used his Confederate flag to attack counterprotesters. His social-media posts from that period are filled with slurs like “Here’s to all the filthy n- – – – – – out there” and “Dirty n- – – – – – love abusing power.”

Monzon told the Times he has been on a “path to de-radicalization.” But when the Miami New Times tried to interview Monzon in the hospital, its reporter was denied access by a contingent of former and current Proud Boys. This suggests his self-professed “de-radicalization” has been, at best, incremental.

Lil’ Marco’s choice to employ a known White Supremacist and an associate of a very extreme, RW paramilitary group is the clearest sign of the party’s complete surrender to extremism.


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