NATO and Poland Suggest Ukrainian Air Defense Caused Deadly Blast

Biden handles global issue while Trumpty-Dumpty performs his act in Florida

Western leaders on Wednesday said that the deadly blast that killed two near the Poland-Ukraine border was likely caused by Ukraine’s air defense responding to a Russian missile barrage.

NATO leaders and member state Poland both said early investigations suggested it was not a deliberate Russian attack. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said from Brussels that the Kremlin was still ultimately responsible for the incident because it was waging the war in Ukraine. Moscow’s military unleashed an aerial assault on targets across the country Tuesday.

An official in Kyiv called for a “joint study” of the blast site and said Ukraine was waiting for its allies to hand over evidence that its missile hit Poland.


Split Screen Moment

White House officials expected a split screeen moment on Tuesday when Biden was meeting with world leaders in Bali’s G20 summit, and a former president met with loyalists at Mar-a-Lago to announce a third attempt at the White House office.

What they didn’t expect was escalation as Biden was leading the crisis talks with members of the G7 and NATO in Bali — two groups Trump questioned the usefulness of when he was in office — while TFG was claiming victimhood in Florida.

And while Biden was handling global problems abroad, the President’s Twitter team posted their own split-screen as Trump was delivering another rally to the faithful.


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