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Happy Monday News viewers, welcome to our Monday Free Chat here at News Views……an open forum to talk about topics of interest, whatever they may be — of course, good manners, civility, respect, are important, and since Free Range often has an environmental bent, we look to our animal colleagues for direction….

Those are the words from our lovely, Rachel, who cannot join us today so…you’re stuck with me, again.

Last spring, I just pretty much tossed a bunch of wildflower seeds in several containers to see what they would do but to mostly fill in space. The seeds I bought claimed to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds and they did. I don’t ever want to see borage again in my life. It grows like weeds here and spreads everywhere. Borage was my least favorite plant and I will avoid it in the future. OMG—those deep tap roots they have. Never again.

Over the summer, I saw more bees than I have seen in years. As we all know, bees are a gardener’s best friend but, I just stay out of their way and hope they stay out of mine.

We were also treated to a bunch of butterflies, including Monarchs. My husband recently rescued a Monarch that decided to check out our greenhouse but could not figure out how to get out. Hubby was able to get him out and on his merry way. They’re so beautiful.

But what the wildflowers really attracted were hummingbirds. I’m not a big bird fan but I love hummingbirds. Although it’s freaking freezing outside, by our standards, we still have a few stop by. I have no clue what they’re feasting on because all the wildflowers are either gone or dormant (perennials) but we still have hummingbirds.

In fact, last week, I was outside planting some cyclamen and other wintery plants and out of nowhere, a hummingbird came within inches of my face. Alls I caught was a flash of red and green and he/she sped off. I never realized how loud they are (wings flapping a zillion miles a minute) until they’re right up in your face. He/she actually startled me because I was not expecting a bird in my face and I guess I reacted vocally. I didn’t scream but did let out a sound that my son responded to. He thought that he had startled me because he just had come home; so, I explained to him that I just had a hummingbird all in my face and really wasn’t expecting that.

They’re really amazing and beautiful birds.

Anyway—Happy Monday! Be safe and enjoy the day.

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