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Happy Monday News viewers, welcome to our Monday Free Chat here at News Views……an open forum to talk about topics of interest, whatever they may be — of course, good manners, civility, respect, are important, and since Free Range often has an environmental bent, we look to our animal colleagues for direction….


Good morning, News Viewers, and Felice Lunedi (Happy Monday). So, you can see, you’re stuck with me again.

I’m thinking we talk cats because many of us have them, they’re so different than dogs, and it takes a ‘special’ person to have and love them.

My husband has a hard time understanding ours and why they do the things they do because he’s a dog person, which is fine; I love both critters. But ever since I was a small kid, I always loved cats.

What crazy things do your cats do? My Striped Shithead/Athena/Baby loves to knock stuff over; it’s her favorite pastime and it is quite annoying. One day, I was out front watering and I heard this terrible crash and I didn’t even want to go look but knew I had to. I have this 15 year old, Lucky Bamboo plant that I have (had) in a tall vase with rocks and marbles to keep it it upright and in place. It was on a chest in my living room.

Oh, god—she sent that thing sailing. I came in the house and my elderly, female dog was drenched from the water and there were rocks, marbles, water, and broken glass from the vase everywhere. That was fun…NOT (shop vac!). The plant survived but it’s now on a windowsill and way out of her way. NOT doing that again. My dog just looked at me as to say, “WHY?!?!”

Domenic cannot handle closed doors and he knows what a doorknob is for. If he could grip one and turn the knob, he would. Instead, he bangs on it, then bangs on the door until I open it…or squirt him. I don’t like my pets in the kitchen for health reasons and the fact they get underfoot. I don’t want to burn them or burn myself. So, I shut the door and it pisses off Domenic. Too bad…

So, what are your feline(s)’ quirks, obsessions, lovable traits, or just plain weirdness?

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