New Campaign Rules: Trump Needs a Chaperone

Trump’s disaster dinner at Mar-a-Lago with an anti-Semitic rapper and a holocaust-denying white nationalist has prompted some new rules set out to protect the Orange Ass from himself — a chaperone at all times.

Nick Fuentes arrived at Mar-a-Lago by car with Ye, and was waved into the club by security, even though only Ye had been on the security list. Fuentes apparently did not show his ID and the car’s driver, a frequent guest at the club, got in using a credit card after misplacing her license.

Some aides had advised Trump against meeting with Ye, who has made his own antisemitic comments. But the two have a longstanding relationship and Trump rebuffed the advice. They were supposed to meet one-on-one in the club’s library, but Trump, eager to show off his celebrity guest to his paying club members, decided to divert the group to the club’s main patio dining area. Fuentes joined the dinner at Ye’s invitation.

  • Now Trump’s handlers say they will put in place new rules to ensure guests invited to meetings with him at Mar-a-Lago are fully vetted and approved.
  • One of the rules will include having a senior campaign official present with him at all times.


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