Free Range Free Chat

My phone says it’s Monday. It lies. It knows nothing of truth, and somewhere on this planet I know it’s still Sunday. . . .

OK, maybe I just need to wake up, face reality……It’s Monday, and welcome to Monday’s Free Chat, our open forum for today, our stream of consciousness with an environmental bent.

We’re waking up to COLOR today — what could be a stronger statement against fundamentalism, against rigid social roles, intolerance, exclusivity, love it or leave it, my way or the highway thinking than the very fact of color?

A black and white world is a world somewhere other than awake (woke), it’s a world where possibilities, new ideas, outside the box thinking don’t exist. There are two choices — black or white — and anyone seeing the world in color is daring to color outside the lines, march to a different drummer.

2023’s color of the year is Magenta. If ever there were a vibrant color, this is it. And this color stands out as the rich direction we go after midterms, after the Pandemic years, after the approaching collapse of the GOP.

2022’s color was a Periwinkle, Veri Peri. Cool and waiting, close to gray. No gray areas in theocracies, or so the preaching leaders would have you believe. But again, the truth of color points out the lie of “either/or” “right/wrong, good/evil, yes/no, black/white” thinking.

2022 Color of the Year, Veri Peri (Periwinkle)

Monday, Magenta Monday. Actually, color of the year is just an ad campaign, we can pick our own colors, of course. It’s the idea that there ARE colors. They are visual verification that the ideas talked to death by the fundies and kings are just words, words in black and white, with no connection to reality. Reality is a spectrum and a colorful one at that.

2019’s color of the year, Living Coral

What is the color of your world today? Feel free to chat about any and all — can you believe 2022 is almost over?

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