Florida Man Caught Having Sex With Goldendoodle, Destroys Nativity Scene

According to Chad Mason’s arrest affidavit, he knew the owner of the dog and was taking the goldendoodle out for a walk in the apartment complex. Then, he started having sex with the dog in front of witnesses, including adults and a juvenile who was less than 16 years old, police said.

When Mason was confronted by one of the adults, he fled and “began to wreak havoc in the surrounding areas,” his affidavit read in part. 

Police said Mason ran to the Northwood Presbyterian Church, where he knocked over a nativity display, broke potted plants, and tossed children’s toys from the playground area. Officials estimated about $400 in damages to the church.

FOX 13

Mason’s reign of terror continued as he destroyed a mailbox and attempted to steal a car.

Officers arrived on the scene and arrested him. He was taken to the Pinellas County Jail where he faces multiple charges, including lewd or lascivious exhibition, two counts of exposure of sexual organs, criminal mischief to a place of worship, and sexual activity involving animals.


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