PSA: Do I Have COVID-19, the Flu, or RSV? What Other Yuckiness is Floating Around?

The United States has seen an uptick in COVID-19, the flu, and RSV since the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, “the country is currently red-hot with lots of fevers, sore throats, and coughs popping up from coast to coast.” Although most of the sickness out there is the flu, wastewater analysis shows “COVID-19 is on a post-Thanksgiving uptick, and RSV — which has sent babies and toddlers to urgent care for months — is still circulating widely too.”

Health experts (translation: not moronic MAGAts who still believe in and continually promote fake COVID-19 cures) state that many other illnesses “beyond the “tripledemic” of flu, COVID, and RSV which are contributing to this year’s earlier-than-usual onslaught of seasonal” yuckiness.

“There’s a lot of viral junk out there,” infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner, from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, told Insider.

But, what are the differences in symptoms and how do we identify which viral yuckiness we may have contracted?

First and foremost, we have flu and COVID-19 shots to help protect us from serious illness that can occur from both viruses so, get your shot(s). Be proactive; it benefits you and society as a whole. We also have tests available that will determine what virus you might have if you’re ill.

Second, there is nothing wrong with still wearing a mask while out in public; many cities have started advising them but are too hesitant to mandate them.

But more importantly, if you’re sick, stay home! Be mindful of others and don’t spread your germs. This should be no brainer and what normal thinking and non-self centered people do. STAY HOME!

But Wait! There’s More!

The most common illnesses in the US and how likely it is that you have one of them right now:

While the GQP sits on their collective asses trying to figure out if the earth is round or flat, or if COVID-19 is a hoax and perhaps cooked up in some lab in China, or trying to get to the crux of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Democratic Party has released its final report on Lessons Learned from the Coronavirus Crisis.

Spoiler Alert: TFG and the Most Incompetent Administration Ever really screwed it up for all of us and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people:

The United States was underprepared for a major public health crisis for years before the
coronavirus pandemic. Chronic underfunding and longstanding health disparities put many
Americans at heightened risk of becoming infected and developing severe illness as a result of the
coronavirus. The United States had long failed to invest in measures necessary to prepare for a
global pandemic, including failing to maintain the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) and to adapt
to indications that federal agencies were likely to be stymied by a lack of cooperation and
communication failures in the event of a major public health calamity. These factors were
exacerbated by the Trump Administration’s disastrous initial response in 2020. The Trump
Administration failed to recognize the looming threat as reports of a novel pathogen emerged in
early January and failed to take sufficient measures to prepare the country by developing adequate
testing or acquiring sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical supplies.

Once the coronavirus outbreak erupted into a full-blown crisis, the Trump Administration
engaged in an unprecedented campaign to control and even manipulate the work of scientists
leading the public health response. The Trump White House blocked the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) from conveying accurate information to the public, installed
political operatives who sought to downplay the pandemic, and even attempted to alter and
manipulate CDC guidance, scientific studies, and public health orders to serve political goals. The Trump White House also sought to interfere in the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA)
authorization of coronavirus treatments and vaccines, pressuring FDA officials to reauthorize
hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment after it was shown to be ineffective and potentially
dangerous, rushing FDA to accelerate the authorization of convalescent plasma, and even blocking
the release of coronavirus vaccine guidance out of fear that recommended safety protocols would
delay the authorization of a vaccine until after the 2020 presidential election. On top of all of this,
the Trump Administration embraced a dangerous and discredited herd immunity via mass infection
strategy many months before vaccines were available.

The Trump Administration’s reckless pandemic response resulted in devastating and
lasting harm. The toll of the coronavirus fell hardest on those who were already most vulnerable.
Communities of color suffered disproportionately high rates of coronavirus infection,
hospitalization, and death. Nursing home residents suffered high levels of infections and deaths,
exacerbated by understaffing and meager wages and benefits for their workers.

Speaking of ‘Junk Science:’ Health care associations urge Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule against court-ordered ivermectin for COVID-19

Two health care associations are weighing in on a Wisconsin Supreme Court case considering whether a Waukesha hospital should have been forced to give a patient ivermectin for COVID-19.

The American Medical Association and Wisconsin Medical Society filed the amicus brief Wednesday. It argues ivermectin hasn’t been proven effective in treating the disease.

“Their task has been greatly complicated by misinformation about COVID-19 and risky treatments touted as miracle cures, like ivermectin,” the brief reads. “Wisconsin’s physicians rely on evidence-based treatments, as the law and their ethical obligations require, and avoid untested ones, like ivermectin, that may compromise patient health.”

Yes, we’re still litigating this nonsense because MAGATs and other ignorant people claim to know more than medically trained physicians/healthcare providers who embrace science versus reading and repeating unproven crap that most people would label as, Junk Science.

Apparently, someone’s crazy uncle, this time—John— “was put on a ventilator in October 2021 due to complications from COVID-19.” His nephew, Allen Gahl, got him a prescription for the unproven COVID-19 cure, ivermectin, “… through a doctor who was not associated with Aurora (the hospital) and who had not examined his uncle or been involved with his care. When doctors at Aurora Health refused to provide and administer the drug, Gahl sued.”

The case has made its way to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court:

“It has profound implications for the practice of medicine broadly, outside of the specific instance of ivermectin and COVID-19, by compelling substandard care that is not evidence based,” Erhenfeld said. “That, in our mind, would jeopardize the patient-physician relationship.”

Lessons Learned: Stay safe, protect yourself and your family, and DO NOT listen to MAGAts or other ignorant people spew their Junk Science.

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